10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. A non-negligible percentage of marriages end up in divorce. And surprisingly, most divorces are initiated by women. For evidence, a study by the American Sociological Association found that 70% of divorces are started by women. There are many reasons causing women to ask for a divorce, and no one should remain in an undesired relationship. Every situation is unique. Therefore, the causes of divorce vary.   

And nowadays, divorces can happen at any stage of life. Divorce was more seen in young couples, but more and more divorces occurred in old, mature marriages. More and more couples are falling apart in their old age.   

So, in this article, we will discuss 10 common reasons why women initiate divorce.  

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10 great reasons why women ask for divorce.By chatykany.


10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. A significant reason why women will initiate divorce is not feeling loved anymore. You are in the relationship, and you realise your partner does not treat you the way he used to. You can notice that through little things such as he: 

. Changes his routine, even if he does not have to   

. Does not seek your company as before; on the contrary, he avoids you whenever possible.  

. Is not as attentive to details anymore  

. Becomes difficult to please.  

. Etc.  

‘I knew something was wrong when my husband started going consistently to the pub, and he would not take me with him. When I asked him, he said he needed space to think and that I needed to do the same. That was it for me.’ Amy 35.  


10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. Another significant reason a woman would want a divorce is when she feels unsafe. Your partner is not providing security for you. That could be financial security or emotional security.   

Also, you do not feel 100% safe in the marriage. That could happen when there is a lack of trust or the trust has been breached once and could not be fully re-established. You feel your husband needs to fully get your back; he is not loyal.  

‘I must be careful with what I say whenever we are with friends or acquaintances. He would not hesitate to harshly rebuff me if I said something wrong.’ Patricia, 40.  


Communication is the backbone of any marriage. It is essential for a solid and healthy marriage. Good communication allows a couple to face challenges together in unity.   

Problems will inevitably appear when communication breaks down. So, misunderstandings and arguments occur when there is a need for more communication. These will get out of proportion, leading to emotional disconnection ultimately causing divorce.   

‘We could not maintain a civilised conversation anymore. It will quickly turn into an argument.’ May, 49.  

10 great reasons why women ask for divorce.By chatykany.



Another common reason for women to ask for a divorce is infidelity. You feel betrayed when your partner cheats on you. Some women can release the hurt if the man makes an amendment, but most women will not. You will think that once a cheater, always a cheater.   

Also, once your partner has been unfaithful, your trust will be broken, and doubt will install, which is irreparable for some women.  

‘It turned out I was the only one who did not know about his extramarital affairs. He couldn’t stop.’ Steph, 28 

5# ABUSE  

 No one wants to stay in an abusive relationship. Some women can put it up to some degree, sometimes at the risk of their lives. They will only think about when they cannot take anymore. Most people know about domestic violence, but abuse comes in many ways:  

. Physical, where your partner hurts you physically.  

. Emotional, where your partner uses controlling means and threats to keep you under control, breaking your well-being and mental.  

. Sexual abuse where forcing you to have sexual interactions without your consent.  

. Financial abuse is when your partner controls your finances and restricts your freedom.  

Women often ask for divorce to protect their children; this occurs in marriages with domestic violence history. To protect them so they will no longer witness all the arguments and the fights. She can also resort to divorce to save herself and her sanity.  

‘I still can’t believe everything I have put up with. I’m grateful I wholly came out of it.’ Maggie, 43.  

10 great reasons why women ask for divorce.By chatykany.


 Money is sometimes a significant source of conflict in a marriage. You may feel your partner needs to contribute more, or he is overspending on family finances, leading to endless struggles. So, money issues can strain and bring a marriage down.   

The issues often occur when couples have different approaches to money; one may be a saver and the other a big spender. In this case, they need to be rich, not counting the pennies, or they will have money issues. And when they cannot resolve the problems, things worsen, leading to divorce.  

‘I tried so hard and long to help him, but he really was into gambling.’ Armande, 52. 



 10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. Another common reason couples drift apart. As life goes on, couples realise they have very little in common, no common interest, and now have different goals, and overall, have changed.   

So, when a woman realised she and her partner have grown apart, that what she initially signed for is no longer there, and that they are no longer compatible, she may ask for a divorce to give them freedom.  

‘Life wasn’t just as it used to be. The differences in values and beliefs were too obvious. We had to let go.’ Rita, 40.  

10 great reasons why women ask for divorce.By chatykany.


10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. A woman can turn to divorce when there is a lack of trust, and she has lost hope. It is tough to amend a broken trust. For example, when your partner cheats on you, you forgive them.   

You have forgiven, but you have not forgotten. So, it is like you are giving your partner another chance; you will be scrutinising their behaviour. Some partners will repent and change, but in most cases, they will fail; they will sometimes try to redeem themselves but eventually repeat the same mistakes. This is when you lose hope in them. Then, ask for a divorce.  

‘Despite great efforts, I could no longer see him the same way. Trust was forever broken.’ Annie, 34.  


Sometimes, in the heat of love, some couples get married by overlooking many things, such as their differences. After the sparks diminish, love fades out a little, and now living together, they realise they do not have much in common.   

So, these things they thought irrelevant were crucial and sometimes impossible to disregard. You may find that your partner has bad habits, such as gambling or addiction. That they are unreliable or don’t have the same values or beliefs. Especially if children are involved, and you do not agree on the values to instil in your kids.  

‘When I say right, he replied left. It just wasn’t working. He will find funny what I found horrifying.’ Tammy, 30. 

10 great reasons why women ask for divorce.By chatykany.



10 great reasons why women ask for divorce. Another reason is the lack of intimacy. Sex is essential in a marriage; certain people like it reasonably, while others cannot do without it. Some women ask for a divorce when their partner does not sexually satisfy them, and they are not getting enough sex. This occurs when a woman has a high libido, but her partner does not live up to her expectations because they are either disinterested in sex or simply impotent; not wanting to cheat her partner, she will resolve to divorce.  

‘I was literally horny all the time, restraining myself from randomly jumping into someone else bed.’ Julie, 32.  


10 great reasons why women ask for divorce include Not feeling loved and safe,  communication breakdown,  infidelity,  abuse,  financial issues,  growing apart, lack of trust and losing hope,  incompatibility and lack of intimacy  

These are common reasons why women initiate divorce. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave them in the comment section.  

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