10 great ways to build up after a breakup. Relationships broke down all the time. We hear about it within our inner circle or acquaintances. So, it is nothing out of the ordinary.     

Breakups are usually painful, whether you are the initiator or not. Therefore, a feeling of loss or waste of time lingers after a breakup.   

It might initially seem unreal, and sometimes you don’t know how to handle it properly. However, there is no wrong or good way to handle a breakup because everyone experiences it differently, depending on the level of involvement in the relationship.     

But there are some essential tips to help. These tips will help you build yourself up after a breakup.  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany


10 great ways to build up after a breakup include taking time off. When you go through a breakup, first thing first, take some time off and deeply reflect on yourself. So, do not start a new relationship to forget the hurt or bury yourself with work.    

Also, take stock of yourself and calmly reflect on the finished relationship. Then, acknowledge and fully accept that it happens and is over.     

Moreover, it will help to review the breakup causes, investigate them, and take responsibility if required. In this step, you must look deep down and be truthful and honest with yourself. Learn from the experience. 

Also, you can take this time to think of what to do next. 

It helps me to completely slow down and think things through.’ Morgan, 24.  


10 great ways to build up after a breakup involve taking time to grieve. This step is crucial, but many people fail to do it. Breaking up with someone is nearly as if you lost someone by death. Therefore, it would help if you had time to grieve your loss. Here is the time to release your emotions: crying, blaming, and reflecting…. And, importantly, accepting that it is over, you must carry on living your life.  

I literally couldn’t do anything. It reminds me of the time I lost my dad. But the pain subsided with time.’ Eve, 31  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany

3# LET GO  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup include letting go. When you reflect on yourself, having done with the grieving process, it is time to let go. Really let go, and ensure that you do not reconnect with your ex later.      

So, completely Let go and move on. Hence, let go of your feelings, bid them goodbye, and plan for the next step.   

I just woke up one day, and the pain was gone.’ Sammy, 40.  


Some people struggle to cope with a breakup on their own. You may have tried, but you notice it is difficult to let go, don’t know how to let go, or find that you cannot stop crying or crying for no reason;  in this case, you may want to seek professional help.  

So, a relationship therapist would be of help. However, some people are reluctant to do so, but sometimes it is the easiest way to figure out things and to let go.  

‘I have resolved to get a therapist’s help. It was the best thing for me. In no time, the confusion was gone.’ Alison, 38.  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany


10 great ways to build up after a breakup involve caring for yourself. Your health is vital, so you should care for yourself after a breakup. Understandably, you do not want to do anything after a breakup. So, it is when you can easily neglect yourself by not eating correctly, exercising, and interacting with others. Etc.  

On the contrary, you should make a conscious decision to prioritise your health and avoid falling into the easy trap of binge eating, presenting poor hygiene, and not exercising, which will lead to putting on weight in most cases.

Also, it would help if you were careful not to fall into any addiction trap such as alcohol, drug substance, or overspending money on shopping, etc.



Another critical thing to do is to remove all reminders. Anything that reminds you of your ex should be got rid of.

So it would help if you completely cut ties. Moreover, Remove any physical reminders, such as gifts and pictures. Another crucial step is to unfollow them on social media.

Therefore, do not be tempted to remain friends or contact them. 

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany



Take control of your life. Do not wallow in self-pity. So, learn from what has happened and move on. If you need to work on yourself to address an issue, now is the time to do it.

Breakup is common, so people will not feel pity or do you a favour because you have been dumped. Therefore, you should quickly pull yourself back together and build yourself up to be a better you.    


You must avoid withdrawing yourself from people and keeping yourself to yourself. On the contrary, this is the time to interact more with people around you.

So, keep your existing friends and make new ones. Enlarge your inner circle positively.

Moreover, surround yourself with family, friends, and people who will help you, not pull you down by teaching you bad habits.  

Knowing they were all there for me gives me strength.’ Chelsea, 29.  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany


After taking some time off trying to rediscover yourself or reconstruct your life, you may try to give it another try, meaning go into a new relationship.     

But do not hurry into it. Something else you can do is to widen your perspectives and your interests. This can keep you very busy and on track. Do not withdraw; seclude yourself.

You can go out with or without your friends. Learn something new, such as a skill, a game, or a hobby.  

Please do not make the subject of your failed relationship taboo; talk about it. Talking about it helps alleviate the pain and diminishes its importance.  


You must be patient. Many people rush into new relationships after breakups. They think they might quickly forget about their exes that way. They failed to realise that doing so might cause more pain because they did not take time to assess the new partners before committing. Hence, chances are high for them to be deceived again.  

Practising patience will significantly help. This does not mean avoiding getting into a new relationship but taking the time to thoroughly observe a potential partner before engaging.  

I have bitterly regretted jumping straight into a new relationship after my first breakup; he was awful.’ Donna, 35.  

10 great ways to build up after a breakup. By chatykany


10 great ways to build up after a breakup. Simply follow these easy steps:      

. Take time off,   

. let go,  

. Take time to grieve,       

. Seek professional help,  

. Take care of yourself,  

. Remove all reminders,  

. Take control,  

. Enlarge your circle,     

. explore new hobbies,  

. Be patient.      

Those are some basic steps. Do you have any recommendations? Please share in the comments box.     

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